Formation: four couples arranged around a square, lady on the right of the man. Couple with their backs to the music are couple number 1, couple on their left number 2, couple opposite number 3 and couple on the right number 4 (ie numbering clockwise).

Music: Lively reels, played 40 bars for the first time through, plus 8 lots of 48-bar repetitions (phrased 24+24), plus a final 40 bars. So that’s 464 bars: 40 + 8×48 + 40. “The Deil Amang the Tailors” is commonly used for the first and last 40 bars; other tunes often used include “Soldier’s Joy”, “Mrs MacLeod of Raasay”, “The Fairy Dance”, “The Mason’s Apron”.

Bars: Description
1-8: All join hands in a circle and circle round to the left for 8 steps (four bars) and back.
9-12: Ladies join right hands in the middle, and hold partners around waist, and all dance right hands across in a star (wheel).
13-16: Swing round (couples still holding around the waist) so the men join left hands, and dance back with a left hand star.
17-20: Face partners and set twice.
21-24: Spin partners (turn RH).
25-40: Giving right hands to partner to start, dance a grand chain around the set (keep going in the same direction and give right hand, then left hand, then right hand, … until you get back to place). If you get back early, spin until the end of the phrase.
Figure – repeat 8 times
1-8: 1st lady goes into the centre of the set and sets while the others circle round to the left and back.
9-16: 1st lady sets to partner, turns him, sets to opposite man and turns him.
17-24: 1st lady turns partner, opposite man, partner, opposite man (variation – dance a reel of three with partner and opposite man, giving left shoulder to partner to start).
25-32: Repeat bars 1-8.
33-48: Repeat bars 9-24 with side men.
Repeat Figure with 2nd lady, 3rd lady, 4th lady, 1st man, 2nd man, 3rd man, 4th man in the centre.
Chorus: Repeat the 40 bars of the start of the dance.